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Our group projects

Together with different medical care and educational institutions in the Baltic countries, we are performing medical and scientific research and trying to implement interesting ideas based on science and technology.



Clinical research

The project with our partners from Vilnius University Life Sciences Center started in 2017 and is co-funded by European Union through Intelektas program. The goal is to design a phospholipid bilayer membrane-based sensor for detection of biological toxins in the acute bacterial infectious diseases diagnostics.


Drug encapsulation in macrophage-derived exosomes is a promising strategy in development of targeted delivery systems for treatment of aggressive and therapy-resistant cancer forms. These nanovesicles are naturally produced in human organism and can be applied as targeted delivery devices for treatment of oncological and other serious pathologies.


Together with different medical care and education institutions in Baltic Countries we are performing medical research. The main purpose of it is to collet comprehensive data base to be used for creation of algorithms for artificial intelligence for prevention and diagnostics of vascular deceases.



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